Help Mel Gibson, they’re taking our freedom!

I’m sure most of you have heard by now that there are two bills trying to get passed in the US that restricts access to certain information online to try to prevent piracy and copyright infringements on the Internet (SOPA and PIPA). Now since most of the websites we commonly use are America owned this will greatly affect all of our Internet usage. Most people found out about these bills via Wikipedia when they were trying to find out things like; who invented the plastic spatula, or what year Britney Spears released the single Toxic (it’s 2004 by the way) an instead, were greeted with a black screen with a message informing them that Wikipedia will be on blackout for the next 24 hours in protest of these bills.

Among Wikipedia, other sites such as Reddit, Google, Tumblr, Flickr and many other social networking and media sites have joined the protest and for the next 24 hours will also be on blackout. I’m hoping that this will prove to the American government that freedom of information is what makes the earth rotate it’s axis, and that these bills attempting to stop piracy (which they won’t) will stop the world from being able to function in the way in which we have become so fondly accustomed to.

The film and music companies that are dying to get these bills passed, are just proving that they really do care more about money than the human rights each of us has to be able to gain access to the information of which we are entitled to, and they would trade each of our tiny lives for a lukewarm pile of excrement if it were legally possible.

Just think about it. A world where you live in fear to watch an episode of Grand Designs online at 4am because you haven’t paid for it, resulting in Kevin McCloud smashing through your bedroom wall and stealing your piggy bank as compensation. A world where finding out how old Bono is, is impossible. A world where people control what we do, how we do it, when we can do it, and what we can know about it.

I hope everyone who reads this will join the fight against these bills to stop them being passed and compromising our Internet experience.

Join the fight here:


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